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Management + Social Media

sal is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in wardrobe arts, and manages the GototheMo brand, overseeing bookings, social media, and the site.

Mo  G

Mo G

Hair Stylist

I remember sitting on the bed after asking everyone how to braid and no one taught me. I sat there with a Barbie doll until I figured it out myself. I was 3 years old. I quickly learned how to do my own hair, starting with two braids. Shortly after that I began to cornrow and from then on I've consistently been doing hair. It truly a love of mine and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Over the years I have seen over 500 clients, some one which have been with me since day one in 2000/2002. Most recently, I received my natural hair license, followed by gaining a very influential clientele in the city of Chicago.